Franklin and surrounds...

Franklin (Australian postcode 7113) is a small township on the western side of the Huon River in the south-east of Tasmania, between Huonville and Geeveston. It was named after Sir John Franklin and his wife Lady Jane Franklin who subdivided a large property there formerly owned by John Price to settle families of modest means. The Franklins had a ketch named Huon Pine built at Port Davey to provide a direct link between the settlement at Hobart.

Originally used for mixed cropping, especially potatoes and other vegetables, by the late 1800s Franklin and its immediate surrounds were a major apple orcharding region. With the collapse of Tasmania's export fruit industry during the 1970s the region reverted to mixed farming. With record growth in the Huon Valley, people have flocked to the area to set up homes and businesses over the past five years.

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