spring 2014

More than two years have passed... many changes! I felt the website was long over due for a design change and update. So here it is!

A quick summary of what’s been happening, if I can remember it all. Firstly, we added a new edition to our family. Indiana Jones, our solid liver coloured German shorthaired pointer. He’s a joy. Two new Scottish highland calves, a heifer named Nessa, and a steer called Aedan, both are over a year old now - so our herd is up to five! Down to just three chooks, but that’s all good - less to clean up and they’re good layers. Recently we’ve been clearing the back 5 acres of bush from old Wattle trees and made three bush hiking trails up to the back boundary of the property. It’s looking like a park behind the cottage. The two top bar beehives are thriving and looking forward to harvesting some late Spring honey.

Graham has been keeping busy designing residential homes and now works from home. I worked with the Australian Antarctic Division for almost two years as a contract employee, then transitioned to a freelance contractor, occasionally working with the AAD and other designers in Multimedia production. But now I have the best job in the world - staying home and taking care of Indy and working with Graham, assisting him with his projects. Life is great here, but change is in the wind...